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    Copper Tube


    Copper Tube: AS1432, 1571 & 1572
    C11000 – Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper
    C12200 – Phosphorous Deoxidized Copper.

    Standard sizes are 5.8 or 6.0 Metres in Straight Lengths.

    Cutting Available – P.O.A

    Material subject to availability. Lead Times may apply.

    Note: Weights are theoretical only.

    Temper Qualities:
    ACR – Annealed Coils Refrigeration
    ANN – Annealed Coil
    BQ – Bending Quality
    HH – Half Hard Straight
    HHR – Half Hard Straight Refrigeration
    HD – Hard Drawn
    HDR – Hard Drawn Refrigeration Straight

    – Please enquire for sizes not listed
    – MOQ for Non-Standard Material – 150kg
    – Lead Times do apply to Non-Stocked sizes
    – Different Alloys are available.
    Note: Weights are theoretical only.

    Copper Tube

    A copper tube is more than just a piece of metal; it’s an embodiment of durability, thermal conductivity, and versatility. In sectors ranging from plumbing to air conditioning, the demand for high-quality copper tubes is ever-present. And when it comes to sourcing the best, Brass & Copper stands as a beacon of quality. Our commitment? To provide tubes that not only meet but exceed international product standards, ensuring every project benefits from the unmatched qualities of copper.

    Copper Tube Supplier

    Distinguishing between various copper tube suppliers might seem challenging, but with Brass & Copper, the choice becomes evident. Our hallmark is the uncompromising quality of the metals we offer, a trait evident in every copper tube that leaves our premises. Catering to both the manufacturing industry and the general public, we guarantee that our products are tailored to exact specifications, ready for immediate distribution or collection. When in need of top-tier copper solutions, Brass & Copper is the name to trust.

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