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    Australia’s leading stockist & distributor of non-ferrous metals

    Brass & Copper Pty Ltd was established on 22nd August 1989 as an associated company to George White & Co Pty Ltd – located in Melbourne Victoria.

    By following the principles of George White and Co Pty Ltd established in 1854, Brass & Copper has now grown into Sydney’s leading brass and copper stockist with high quality Service and world standard Products.

    Adel Sargious, a former employee of George White & Co P/L was appointed Manager of Brass and Copper, who moved to Sydney in 1989, and today is still  Manager of the business.

    From supplying products through our Counter Sales facilities, or fulfilling large consignment orders, Brass and Copper Pty Ltd are now well established in Sydney and respected to be one of the largest stockists of non-ferrous metals in New South Whales.

    Sharing principles between companies has established Brass and Copper into the New South Whales Industry, with knowledgeable staff and high standards of Quality Control, we ensure our product is of the highest standard from our manufacturers. On request, we provide customers with the necessary technical and manufacturer’s product information in relation to a product, upon which to base your purchasing decision.

    Located at Unit 9 14 Stanton Road in Seven Hills, on the outer skirts of Sydney, Brass & Copper deliver by truck to metropolitan Sydney, they also have the ability to transport goods around Australia via Freight Companies, Couriers and Australia Post.

    For more information regarding the History of Brass & Copper Pty Ltd, or George White & Co Pty Ltd, please visit our other website.

    Recently Celebrating 30 Years!

    We have recently celebrated 35 Years of operation in Sydney for Brass & Copper Pty Ltd.

    We are proud of the achievements, and we looking forward to many more prosperous years supplying New South Whales with Non-Ferrous products.

    We currently have 2 generations involved in the business and they are focusing on delivering new products to Australian and Overseas industries.

    This knowledge, experience and the established relationships we hold with suppliers is a foundation for us to keep delivering high quality product and services to Australians.


    Quality Management Systems

    Our staff take great pride in the operation of the management system and in being customer focused at all times. Our Sales and Warehouse staff are experienced in the non-ferrous industry and are trained to handle every type of enquiry. Our business has grown and prospered on the foundations of a prompt, reliable and friendly service and competitive pricing.

    Our Management Team

    Phillip White

    Managing Director

    With over 50 years experience in the Metal Industry , Phillip is 5th Generation of the White Family, he shares his knowledge and experience to the younger family members and takes great pride in growth and succession of George White & Co Pty. Ltd.

    Ben White

    Managing Director

    The son of Late Bruce White (Phillip’s Older Brother). From his early beginnings in the Store and Warehouse, to now managing Purchasing and Sales. Ben provides a wealth of knowledge for our staff and customers in sourcing products. As well as overseeing daily operations, Ben’s knowledge in foreign exchange, metal trading, metal suitability create a competitive edge for George White & Co Pty. Ltd.

    Lachlan White


    Son of Phillip White, beginning employment by working in the factory and store, processing orders, then working in Sales, to now overseeing Accounts and Administration. Lachlan ensures the George White & Co Pty. Ltd. well grounded for further growth and development.

    Brass & Copper Pty. Ltd. - Australia's
    Leading Stockist of Non-Ferrous Metals